English Bisa

Berbicara Bahasa Inggris Dengan Percaya Diri Dalam 3½ Minggu !


Mr Aditya Riga Binus Student

Thankyou to all tutors. It really is a great experience for me to improve my communication skills

Mr Nabil M Ghiffari 8th Grade

All tutors taught me new lessons. I can learn a lot from this course. Once again, thank you LFL

Mr Yano Sumaryono Director

I really appreciate this online course because it gives some experiences for my children to improve their english skills. It encourages and motivates them to speak a lot

Mr Iwan Gozali Finance Manager

Thanks to all of my friendly tutors in Lesson For Life who always teach me how to use english correctly. I remember the advertisement banner of this course, "Within 3-½ weeks, You'll speak confidently" It is proven although i'm the slow starter learner

Ms Alminadya Manager

Previously I’ve joined some English courses. I can say that Lessons for Life is the best place and has the most effective way to improve my English because I can be more confident to speak English and the tutor always encourages me to think in English. It’s fun and I really enjoy studying in Lessons for Life

Mrs Siti

Feeling Happy, having a personal tutor, and speaking confidently

Ms Fuji

I was happy to learn English with English Bisa Tutor. The tutor was very patient and now i speak English confidently

Miss Wenty

Before I was hesitant to speak English, my tutor helped me gain my confidence

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